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386867_10150994885314405_461850878_nEmily Zanotti is a 30 year old political communication/public affairs professional who, over years of covering and participating in politics, developed a healthy cynicism for the American public and its elected officials. For the last decade or so, she’s followed candidates across the continental United States, marshaling the grassroots, teaching men and women who devoted their lives to public service how to be funny.

In all seriousness, Emily has been a staple in political and public advocacy campaigns for the last decade, developing and executing successful communications strategies for high-profile campaign and corporate clients. Whether it’s creating viral memes to honor a Vice Presidential candidate, or networking thousands of freedom-minded bloggers into a national media network, or managing the production of YouTube advocacy videos, Emily has a proven track record of success in developing innovative messaging and marketing strategies that leverage the power of online media for her clients.

Emily is also experienced at identifying emerging media trends, and helping her clients create engaging, relevant content for mission-driven advocacy campaigns, specifically those that target youth and emerging markets. And when you’re looking to outreach to and engage with bloggers, there’s no one who speaks “blogger” better – because she’s been in the business of entertaining people online for nearly ten years.

You can check out her LinkedIn profile, which also includes her official resume, but doesn’t include the time she spent training in improv and standup comedy in Chicago.

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