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What We Do.

IMG_1422The Internet is primarily celebrity gossip, cat pictures and leaked secrets about iPhone 6.

It’s not like that’s a dirty secret. But it is pretty much how we sum up the post-traditional-marketing landscape. Since 2008, people looking to get their message out across the wild blue yonder have run up against a wall of traffic to online creative materials that seem at times pointless. Superficial. Bizarre. After all, what does humanity gain from videos of pandas falling off plastic playground equipment (well, other than that it’s absolutely a magical sight)?

The truth is, however, that while billions of users are flocking to watch bacon-eating zombies chase unicorns through Downton Abbey, they’re missing your message, because, well…let’s just face it. It’s a littleĀ outdated. And it might be boring. And possibly sort of guilt-inducing and definitely overly political. And it might be in PDF format. Or in a four minute long video starring a man with bad hair.

Yeah, we know what you’ve been up to. We’ve seen it.

But not to fear! At Iconoclast Media & Message, we believe your mission-driven materials don’t have to be yawn-inducing, and we believe that entertaining material can be substantive. Awesome, hilarious, forceful, meaningful and useful aren’t mutually exclusive, especially not at this great moment where the type of media you need to embrace to meet and grow your target audience is easy to use, easy to share and accessible.

Iconoclast Media & Message is a full-service, mission-driven creative agency here to help you use modern media to your greatest advantage. We’ll help you craft your message, do your research and design your message, and market your materials – all with the intent to take the Internet – and an increasingly influential consumer base – by storm on your behalf. We’re a group of specialists schooled at identifying emerging trends and movements, helping our clients understand what they mean, and assisting them in expressing themselves to a whole new generation.

Our specialties:

  • Consumer engagement strategy development, creative ideation and consulting, specifically on targeting youth and emerging markets
  • Web video planning and production
  • Infographic development and data visualization
  • Graphics and memes
  • Social media presence, best practices and training
  • Comprehensive communications plans that encompass both traditional and evolving media
  • Provide insights and reports on developing trends in culture

The landscape of messaging campaigns has changed. There’s no denying it. Instead of holding on to aging strategies and remaking the same commercial for the gazillionth time, let us share our discoveries and our brains, and help you in building a deeper understanding of your market and a more effective communications strategy.

Plus we’re awesome. So what’s there to lose?

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