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Embrace the Sitegeist.

January 30, 2013

Sitegeist-phonesNowadays, the kids aren’t as concerned about privacy, which could be bad news for them at any future judicial appointment hearings, but could be great news for you if you’re looking for quick demographic information about your surroundings. Sunlight Foundation has just introduced Sitegeist, a data collection and statistics app that uses your location to deliver up-to-the-moment localized demographic information to your smartphone.

By harnessing the power of publicly available information – general check-in information from Foursquare, weather reports, accessible income and housing data for the inhabitants from the 2010 census and more – and bringing it together in an application, Sitegeist can let you get a handle on your surroundings without having to do time-consuming research. And if you’re looking for further explanation on any element of available data, the app will take you directly to the information’s source.

How does this help you? Well, it can show you how to tailor your approach almost immediately, and could come in especially handy for localized door-knocking and baby-kissing campaigns. It might also help us help you tailor advertising for your small business, decide where to put up your signage, and how to best approach your neighbors.

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