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You can scroll the shelf using and keys

February 23, 2013


“The purpose is to bring politics to people who aren’t necessarily always reading about politics,” she said. “I try to make it more fun, conversational — make it more in line with younger taste and in a funny way. An aspect of entertainment definitely better brings the message to people.”

Emily Zanotti, principal of Iconoclast, was named one of Business Insider’s “Digital 50: The 50 Hottest People In Online Politics!

Emily and IMM are excited to be among this amazing group and plan to continue creating and innovating into the future. Or at least until they get too old for the skinny jeans. Then we’ll just hire more people.

The Digital Fifty.

February 21, 2013

Cobra Commander is Recruiting.

February 7, 2013


In 2011, the writers of Zombieland were recruited to pen a sequel to 2009’s big screen adaptation of G.I. Joe. The result? G.I. Joe: Retaliation will open next month.

And Cobra Commander is recruiting.

Everyone knows about Cobra Commander, obviously, from the toys we had growing up to the Twitter profile that occasionally steps in to ensure terrified citizens that yes, indeed, everything bad that happens in your life is the result of some action on the part of Cobra Special Forces. But everyone also knows that it’s bada** to be on Cobra Commander’s side. So, in partnership with a number of triathlons, Monster Truck rallies and Kid Rock concerts, Paramount has launched a viral marketing campaign to join Cobra Special Forces at a February event. And after 27,000 shares on Facebook, you can be sure they consider this campaign a success.

You might be asking, what is “viral marketing?” Well, it’s a way of sneaking advertising into the daily lives and activities of a target demographic, whether by empowering consumers to join a Facebook campaign, encouraging them to participate in an ongoing game with prizes, or just by forcing everyday users of public transportation to question the genesis of unique billboards. In this case, Paramount is taking Cobra Command out into the real world to promote the movie, in the hopes that users who feel that they are a part of the production will, in turn, pay to see the movie in theaters. It’s worked before. The Dark Knight pitted fans against each other nationwide by releasing puzzle websites and real-world clues to the Joker’s whereabouts, and District 9 separated humans and aliens using buses in major cities with quickly-created “segregation booths” for non-humans.

Can it work for you? Maybe. Think about how your campaign fits into pop culture. Determine your target market and think about how they use your chosen medium and what they’d respond to, and build from there. It’s harder than it sounds, sure, but we can help with that.

P.S. Disney has also released a viral campaign surrounding a forthcoming move about the original origins of the attraction Tomorrowland. Taking into account the more curious and intellectual nature of it’s potential users, they’ve pretty much confused the heck out of everyone who received a mystery box of Disney artifacts marked “1952.” Stay Tuned.

Embrace the Sitegeist.

January 30, 2013

Sitegeist-phonesNowadays, the kids aren’t as concerned about privacy, which could be bad news for them at any future judicial appointment hearings, but could be great news for you if you’re looking for quick demographic information about your surroundings. Sunlight Foundation has just introduced Sitegeist, a data collection and statistics app that uses your location to deliver up-to-the-moment localized demographic information to your smartphone.

By harnessing the power of publicly available information – general check-in information from Foursquare, weather reports, accessible income and housing data for the inhabitants from the 2010 census and more – and bringing it together in an application, Sitegeist can let you get a handle on your surroundings without having to do time-consuming research. And if you’re looking for further explanation on any element of available data, the app will take you directly to the information’s source.

How does this help you? Well, it can show you how to tailor your approach almost immediately, and could come in especially handy for localized door-knocking and baby-kissing campaigns. It might also help us help you tailor advertising for your small business, decide where to put up your signage, and how to best approach your neighbors.

Imagery Rules.

January 17, 2013


If you have a mobile, your average attention span has been reduced to just under 3 seconds.

Okay, so we made that up. But the point is, if you’re targeting people who do most of their communication with a single device, lengthy explanations and boring presentations won’t cut through the web clutter. It’s not like people don’t have more than enough to stimulate them and occupy their time. Perhaps the true test of any online advertising program isn’t so much what your metrics and click-through rate is; it’s whether people will take time out of their busy schedule of Cut the Rope to pay attention.

SocialEyezer found that people are twelve times more likely to pass on a single, sharable item – like a video, an image or an infographic – than they are an information-filled link – even one they find noteworthy. This is great news for you. With a little elbow grease and creativity (and help from us, of course), you can process your data into something people can take in at a glance. And the best part? You can use these images to link back to your original data set, which means you’ll be driving traffic to your own proprietary material in a more direct way.

Plus a little visual branding can’t hurt, now, can it? Check out how Socialeyezer visualized the data I just spilled out to you in their infographic, which you can can also access by clicking on the image above.

Think you can’t sneak a little editorializing into your YouTube sensation? Watch Macklemore wax poetic about the dangers of consumerism at around the two minute point of this viral video, “Thrift Shop” (which knocked “Gangnam Style off the top of the iTunes charts).

Thrift Shop?

January 17, 2013